3D Printing & Scanning

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Below you will find all sorts of goodies we've found over the years as we've been playing with this rapidly growing and always progressing hobby

The creative Fun has just begun!!!

Modeling Software:

Start with Free software like:

Here: Blender

Here: SketchUp

​Here: Sculptris

To cut your models into smaller printable sizes and measure the digital model for real scale printing use free Netfabb

Click here:Netfabb

You'll need a software to "Slice" your model into ALOT of layers so your printer can understand it.  Most Printers come with their own Slicing program like MakerWare.  The best slicer  I have found it "Simplify3D". 

Click Here: SimpliFy3D

3D Printers

3D printers range in price and print size ability here's a few great ones we've been lovin'

Your Computer

Scanners and 3D software want as much of digital room as you can give them... If your scanner doesn't seem to be working it's not usually the scanner having the problem, rather the hardware pushing it.  Here's some things to think about:


Just get the latest it's always out of date the moment you buy your machine


Make sure you get a card and don't settle for a built-in to the main (mother) board type.


DDR4 is the latest and greatest ram and is WAY faster than it's predecessors

Storage Space: 

it's nice to have a  good Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) and a regular portable or built-in "spinning" hard drive for the massive amounts of data  you will end up saving over time.

Laptop vs. Desktop

I go everywhere to scan people and things so I NEED a laptop.  If you can sit still  to use a desktop then you can get 3 to 4 times the machine for the same price as a laptop (or 3 to  times less the cost for the same as a laptop).

A great laptop for a great price, take a look at the PowerSpec 1510

For a great review of this laptop and a good read on what each piece in a computer can do for you

Click Here: PCWorld

To purchase Click Here: PowerSpec 

Fun stuff to look at (click below):


Custom Stormtrooper Print

Things to print:

Get allll sorts of free models

Click Here: Thingiverse

Click Here:MyMiniFactory

Models to buy:

Click Here:CG Trader 

Free Lithophane Creation (Coolest things in the world!!!):

​Click Here:YouTube

Or straight to the Lithophane creation website: Click Here:Lithophane

Softwares that cost::

For a low cost, awesome, user friendly software program that ALWAYS gives you free upgrades try ZBrush... the people who Created Avatar and Pacific Rim fantastic effects did

Click Here: Zbrush

Where to buy Creality CR-10:

​(As always use your best caution,we are not affiliated with these sellers, you are buying at your own risk)


Click either: Gold or Blue

Coupon Code --> see the "show more" info under this video: YouTube

(we often see big deals  shopping around the Holidays)

​​Ebay Click Here:Ebay

Notable printers:


​Color 3D Printer "Da Vinci Color":XYZPrinting 

Printing filaments:

I like printing in "PLA"

Here's where to get a "kilo" roll for around $20  

Click Here: Ebay

Get A 5 Kilo roll (no wasted little bits or fear of running out on that large print)


Other people like ABS because you can melt the surface to get a no lines finish.  But you need to keep the printing environment warm and I hear it is a bit finicky?

3D Scanning:

For bodies I love using my XBox 360 Kinect!!!  You can find these things on EBay and Craigslist for $20 or less

Here's a great tutorial (be sure to "show more" under the video to download software package(s)

For a great tutorial Click Here: YouTube

Kinect to PC Drivers Click Here: KinectSDK

Scanning software "Skanect" Click Here: Skanect

For scanning faces I love the detail I get from my Sense 3D Scanner

Find out more Click Here: Sense 3D

Warning: the  latest Sense 3D Scanners require Windows  8 or 10

Creality CR-10
With a build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 400 mm (12"x12"x16") it's a great price and easy to put together.

Here's a few great reviews:

 Click here: YouTube

Click Here:Youtube

​Click Here:YouTube


Here's a tutorial on how to put together the CR-10 and has some free printable upgrades below the video

Click here:YouTube

If you want to print with flexible filament for an upgrade

Click Here:YouTube

How to change out and load filement

Click Here:YouTube