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   "We love what we do at GarageFx. Feel free to stop by and learn how to make something from nearly nothing at one of the free workshops we will be hosting at our next Comic Con!"

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Garage Fx
   Brothers in law Guy Caldwell and Jason Fowers have been creating art since they were kids.  The majority of that art is inspired by comics and the notion of a Hero or Heroine.  Most everyone wants to be a Hero to someone.  So, why not take the chance to dress up like one every once in a while?  Jason and Mitchell wanted to make sure anyone could have that chance.

   So they started Garage Fx.

   The concept is this:

Teach others how to simply make great Cosplay (Costume Play) works of art using everyday items you can find in your garage or hardware store.

   Since they began this effort, they have created many projects from Venom to Predator to Spawn (in many forms).  Inspired by huge demand at past comic conventions their latest efforts have been making movie-prop worthy sets of Halo Spartan Armor as well as those pizza eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

   All pieces are made from the foam floor mats (EVA foam) that you step on in your garage, old plastic buckets, pool floats, PVC pipe, burlap bags, Elmer's glue, chicken wire, packing Styrofoam and more.  For the more intense student they even teach how to cast latex and silicon masks and props.

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