Our autopsy alien was framed from PVC.  Hands are wire, leather and masking tape.  Body is foam and duct tape.  The skin is liquid latex.  Face is from Goodwill.  The brain is cement painted with purple (because that's the color of an aliens brain) and the intestines are expanding foam painted.  The suit for the Area 51 worker for the autopsy was a used training suit from the Tonapah Nuclear Plant.

For Halloween 2018, Guy had needed to built a UFO for a fan film project so we decided to incorporate that into this years Halloween display.  What would a UFO be with out aliens, toxic waste and an autopsy!

Halloween is the BEST time of the year!!  It is the perfect time to let your creativity flow and creep your neighbors out!!

We tried a few differnt things for the UFO.  Metal frame from a yard umbrella, curved PVC and finally ended on wood.  I liked the full coverage on the bottom with no sagging and ease of attachedment to it, the draw back is weight.  The center cover was purchased from a cool lady in Phoenix with the best stuff!!  It is a 4' plastic mirrored half sphere, not sure what its original purpose was, but it looked like a UFO topper to us.  The foam piece is attached to the bottom of the wood with long threaded rods and the cover is held on by being placed on top of rods on foam.  Then we had to decide if we wanted to put a frame from the cover to the wood or stretch a fabric cover.  We purchased many yards of cheap vinyl, sewed it together and cut it out.  We attached it to the half sphere with screws and them tightly attached to the outside of the wood.  Worked better than I thought it would and did not sag.  Added lights to the outer rim with lights bought from Goodwill.

For the Toxic Waste containers, the large on is a garbage can and the two small ones are 5 gallon buckets.  All were painted black, expanding foam sprayed on top and painted neon green.  The Bio Hazard symbols are laser cut vinyl.

 For the Alien Containment Vessel we purchased used 55 gallon barrels.  Cut out windows, covered openings with clear plastic and placed aliens inside.  Drilled out back to insert plug for LED lights to give it a creepy light. Foam was added to top and bottom to increase size.  Radiation stamp is laser cut foam. The small alien is a purchased item and the two large alien heads are latex masks made by us.