Each of the body pieces were created first out of clay on a flat surface, molded out of Smooth-On Brush-On 35 and cast out of latex.

Creating Body Pieces‚Äč

The Making of a Predator

Face masks were modeled right off the head piece so that they fit togeter correctly.

The body pieces were pain stakingly molded on a mannequin.  Then molded out of Smooth-On Brush-On 35 for a vertical application.  

Tentacles were made from a softer Smooth-On Foam-iT!  Tinted black before poured and then attached with CA glue.

This is the mold inside the mother mold with liquid plastic being used for the cast.  We used the Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300 series.  The face masks were created in a slush cast or roto cast method.  This is so we could make them thin and light.  This product takes approximatly 10 minutes to set up.  Once it was poured the person holding the cement and mold needed to rock it back and forth to get the product into all the crevices and try to make it as uniform as possible.  Each face mask had 2-3 layers of this plastic.  

This is the finished product.  We were able to make five in one night.  This product is easy to work with, sand, paint, drill into. Magnets were put on the inside to attach to the head pieces.  LED lights were placed on the side and powered by a 9V battery attached to the inside.

The neck and chest pieces were cast out of Smooth-On Foam-iT! and the abdomin pieces were created out of latex.  They were then attached to each other and painted with a misture of latex and paint to give the pieces ability to move without cracking the paint.

7 Predators really :)

The next step was to again use Smooth-On Brush-On 35 because of the properties that allow you to brush it on to vertical surfaces.  Once the face mask mold was given a few layers a mother mold was created out of cement to give more structure to the mold.  Brush-On 35 is a thick Polyurethan Rubber that is still somewhat flexible.

First Predator Created 2010

Next is to create a mold.  Being that this needs to be a two piece mold, we used Smooth-On Brush-On 35.  I like this product because it can go vertical instead of self leveling making it quicker to make your mold.  Once the mold was made, we cast it with Smooth-On Foam-iT!.

Body piece created out of clay on flat surface, molded out of cement and then cast with liquid latex.

First step was to create the model out of clay.  

Making of the Head Pieces and Face Masks

The head pieces were then painted and had EVA foam pieces added for comfort and ease of wear.  Magnets were added under the paint and inbedded in the foam for the attachement of face masks.

The leg covers were once again created out of clay first on a mannequin leg and molded out of Smooth-On Brush-On 35.  It is very easy to see here why Brush-On 35 is a great tool.  The ability to create a mold from a difficult shape.  The pieces were cast with liquid latex for ease of wear.  The pieces were attached to pre selected boots each girl picked out for herself.